The Journey Home to Your Heart


Healing our childhood wounds can transform our greatest pain,

into our greatest gifts.

When we have experienced early childhood loss, trauma
or had unavailable parents, our ability to love our self, have meaningful, healthy relationships and feel good enough,
can feel impossible.

When we are ready to move toward the pain, and be with the parts that feel unworthy, with gentle, loving kindness,
we discover we have an internal map to self healing.


 Is this you? 

I want to experience more peace.

                            I want to feel safe in my own skin.

                                            I want to discover self acceptance.
I want to stop apologizing. 
I want to honor my truth.

                                         I want to find deep love within.

I want to be my own Soul mate.

There is no deeper intimacy, than falling in love with one's self


Attachment trauma and addiction Interview, with Rogers TV, *12:35 mark

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