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The Journey Home ~ Reclaiming Your Heart
A Private Retreat for Women
July 2023 in Southern California

Dear Woman,

Thank you for taking your time to be here. 
And not just here as in this site, but here.
As in your beautiful, Soulful, human existence. 
Life on earth, would not be the same without you. 
Your Soul, your imprint matters.

We all have a story.
And your story longs to be shared... to be witnessed

Sharing our story in safe, loving company is part of how we heal...



"The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me."

~Glennon Doyle

There is something deeply healing, nourishing and magical that is available when women gather in community and witness, support and hold one another.

Our weekend will gather around welcoming, exploring and expressing the truth of our authentic selves and opening our heart to see and meet the parts within ourselves that voice our unworthiness, shame and insecurities.

There will be an abundant of opportunities to open to ourselves, to each other, to our bodies, to wisdom and to our heart's deepest joys, pain and love through relational exercises, somatic (body) explorations, creative expression, movement, breathwork, dance, music and quiet reflective time.

We will enjoy this experience together on a beautiful retreat property in Southern California, with endless natural landscapes, exquisite sunsets and the sacred company of 6-8 women. Accommodations and healthy, fresh meals are included.

*Please note a negative Covid test is required 72 hours before retreat start date.

Date: July 14-16 2023

Arrive Friday, July 14 @ 2 pm -  Depart Sunday, July 16 @ 1 pm

Fee: Sliding Scale $1,400- $1,700 per person

Location: Solvang, California

Register: 805-705-7800 or

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© 2012 Jacquie Robertson                                                 Photography by Ami Anton

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