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The Full Story

Poetry for the Soul


There is an innate wisdom in all of us that can access our highest truth and heart's desires for what this life has to offer us and us, it.

I hope these words and writings offer a portal into your own Soul and deepest heart's desires for what you already know to be your truth.


Fire Burning

Light Yearning

Heart's Center

Soul Knowing

The time is always now

To come Home to yourself




Feeling lost is the way Home


There is nothing to do.


Just be.


In the messy entanglement of being lost.


There is infinite beauty here.


Everything you thought you knew.


You don’t know anymore.


Everything you thought you were.


You are no longer.


You are not where you were.


And you don’t know where you’re going.


To not know, is to trust.

That life is unfolding in her sacred mystery.

Right in front of us, in each and every waking breath.

~ Jacqueline Sarah





© 2012 Jacquie Robertson                                                 Photography by Ami Anton

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