If everything around you looks dark look again, you may be the light ~ Rumi

Individual Psychotherapy & Counseling

I use a holistic, integrative approach to therapy which draws from several therapeutic modalities depending on your needs, including EMDR, Hakomi mindfulness, somatic experiencing and inner child work. My approach addresses working with body, mind and soul and with a strong focus on attachment theory and helping client's connect to their intuitive knowing of their heart. I teach clients to develop a relationship with their body/nervous system. When we are connected to our body and can soften into our being, all the answers our heart desire become available to us.

Attachment & Relationships

Human beings are born with an innate need, to form a close emotional bond (attachment) with their primary caregivers.

Our first "serious relationship" in life begins as an infant with our caregivers. This relationship provides us with a blueprint about the way we view ourselves, the world and relationships. Our early life attachment experiences inform us about trust, autonomy and safety. If our attachment bonds have been disrupted, severed, challenged or inconsistent, as adults we might struggle with trust issues, fear of abandonment or intimacy and closeness.

Psychotherapy and counselling offers an opportunity to explore and repair painful attachment wounding and relational injuries through helping clients reparent youngers parts in the context of a safe, therapeutic relationship.


Couples Counseling


I also work with couples struggling to connect at a deeper, intimate level, stuck in cycles of closeness and distance, push and pull, anxiety and avoidance. In couples therapy we explore relational patterns and dynamics that keep us frozen in the past, while creating new healthy behaviors and experiences of safety, connection and authentic closeness. 


Together we explore attachment styles, past traumas that may be inhibiting the present relationship dynamic and the relational cycles and patterns that the couple finds themselves stuck in, unable to progress forward.


In safety, trust and security, we find that there is a way to connect with our partners, that does not have to involve fear, threat or defensiveness. Together, we help you to become undefended in love, so as to experience the love and connection your heart desires.

The wound is the place where the light enters ~ Rumi

Unresolved, Complicated Grief

When we have lost a loved one, ambiguously or literally to death, the experience within can be devastatingly painful. Grief is a dance of amplified emotional landscapes. We might experience deep sadness, depression, anxiety, rage, denial, acceptance and even joy.  And then the dance begins all over again.  

The more we learn how to dance with the grief, the more capacity we hold for self compassion and acceptance of our loss. Our heart begins to come back to life. Our love for life, self and other expands into deeper loving consciousness beyond belief and words. 

In our work together, we create safety and a solid foundation for your grief to be contained, held, expressed and healed, without limits, expectations or demands, while helping you to gently move forward each day. 

Grief can be an opening, a portal to deep heart healing, as our psyche becomes ready for the possibility to step into reclaiming our self through our loss. Grief exploration offers hope for deep gratitude, love and joy, that can literally bring the heart to her knees in discovering the magic that lies behind the grief.

Ambiguous Loss

Ambiguous loss can look like a divorce, a breakup/relationship ending, a loved one is psychologically absent, absence of a parent (emotionally, physically and/or psychologically due to mental illness, addiction, an accident/health condition, excessive work, etc., loss of physical contact with friends and family due to immigration, moving, life transitions.

Ambiguous loss can leave one feeling confused, lost, stuck and unable to move forward with life. It may leave one re-experiencing grief and loss in the present both with self and relationships that recreate contexts that illicit the original loss.

Healing with ambiguous loss asks that we reclaim parts of ourselves that may have been lost with the loss and finding ways to connect, embrace and nurture these wounded aspects.



Focus of My Practice

~ Anxiety

~ Attachment challenges

~ Bereavement

~ Childhood & family wounding

~ Codependency

~ Couples work 

~ Dealing with grief and death

~ Existentialism 

~ Grounded spirituality

~ Inner child healing

~ Loss of a loved one

~ Nervous system regulation

~ Personal development

~ Relationship issues

~ Self compassion

~ Self confidence / respect / worth

~ Spiritual awakenings / emergencies

~ Women's healing

You Are a Gift, Not a Burden

As a therapist, my role is to help you discover your most authentic self, the deep Soul wisdom that lies within your heart, and uncover limiting beliefs, mind and body memories and somatic experiences that hinder you from fully embracing and loving yourself. 

Together, we help you find freedom within and learn to be with what arises, so you can experience more calm, confidence and compassion.

My therapeutic approach offers a blend of somatic experiencing, EMDR, Inner child exploration, mindfulness, trauma-informed, attachment-based, and nervous system regulation education. 

Each session is an opportunity to learn about your nervous system, unconscious beliefs and somatic responses that may be keeping you stuck in your life.
Together we explore your early childhood experiences and attachment style to understand how your nervous system was wired, so we can help you reset, re-regulate and recreate a new foundation for your body, mind and heart. 

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