Marina's Women's Circle

Marina is a 12-week online group, specifically for highly sensitive, empathic women who desire to deepen self-love, create conscious community and learn tools to build healthy relationships. 

The focus is on creating a secure, non-judgmental and empowering community to help each other heal, grow and expand into self-worth.


Integration of shadow work (unconscious beliefs, behaviors and patterns), experiential healing through relationship and embodying wholeness is the forefront of our work together.

Marina is a 12-week commitment:

 Wednesdays from 5:00-6:30 pm 

Next group begins June 1, 2022

In person, Santa Barbara

Cost is $1000


Purpose: The purpose of Marina is to support, inspire, connect, teach and help reawaken in one another our innate wisdom, power, worth and gifts. The magic of sitting in this circle flows from deep within and the untold stories move through us, healing and transforming one another. Connecting with women, offers an opportunity to deepen our ability to re-connect with our innocence, lost parts and Soul's deepest yearnings for peace, love, community and deep, meaningful connection and conversation.


Week 1: Welcome, introduction, building trust and our safe container

Week 2: Learning your relational attachment style from childhood

Week 3: Understanding your attachment style in adult relationships

Week 4: Discovering your childhood wounds and negative core beliefs

Week 5: Creating safety, calm and grounding within your nervous system

Week 6: Finding loving, kind and secure resources for your younger self

Week 7: Creating self-respect through boundaries

Week 8: Open circle discussion (women's choice)

Week 9: Celebrating and honoring your worth through community

Week 10: Open circle discussion (women's choice)

Week 11: Creating an unconditional commitment (contract) with yourself

Week 12: Reflections, celebrations and integrating transition of group

Format: Each circle consists of an opportunity to check-in, share personal growth intentions, develop a mindfulness practice, learn from guided teachings and participate in circle exercises.

Somatic Centered: The teachings of somatic  (soma=body) exercises and mindfulness offer the circle an opportunity to develop a deeper, more loving relationship with self. 


When we create non-judgmental space to embody our feelings, beliefs and experiences in a loving, kind way, we find we may need to defend less, and experience more peace. The more we find ways to "be with" our self - all of our parts: our pain, joy, anger, curiosity, sadness, aloneness, fear... the more we move toward a whole human experience.



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